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2014, fashion spring hats

Cold winter will soon be over, the warmth of spring will come. Spring is a sunny, blossom season. In such a beautiful season, how can you dress up so unpretentious, if you want to get rid of the dull in the beautiful season and forge fashionable sweet temperament, fashion spring hats can help you to finish easily!

Knitted hat is always a necessary dress for the lovely and sweet girl, even if in the spring, it is also a good item. Especially the pineapple knitted hat is a favorite of girls’ in all wool knitted hat.



Spring travel, with a simple and handsome rivet cap make you cool immediately. Black means fashion and classic, it is a timeless colors, with the adornment of the rivet, sending out the temperament of sharp. 2014, if you love fashion, you can choose it!



Baseball cap has never be buried in the ranks of style, personality hip-hop cap will be a selected hat in the spring of 2014. With the change of the people's values, they are more interested in some cotton print, colorful hip-hop cap.



Of course, in 2014 fashion spring hats, homburg can't be less. Homburg is a never lose fashion features hat. Homburg is especially suitable for small girl, it could make you agile rippers in the crowd. Diminutive, how can you not try?



Do you like the four fashion spring hats in sharing? What hats will become the protagonist of the spring? If you know, please leave a message to hat factory.


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