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Cleaning and maintenance of hat

Cleaning and maintenance are very important for hats. The cleaning of hat is more special, because of their different materials. Hat and a special cleaning, can’t wash with water (as a feather, the bright, or have mounts type hats and so on), you must according to the situation using different cleaning methods.

Straw hats, mix up sulfur powder and lemon juice, to gently scrub with a brush, and then dried in the sun.

Leather hats, can use the onion slices to wipe.

Fur wool hats, wipe with a cloth dipped in gasoline.

Wool felt hats, wipe with a cloth dipped in ammonia and alcohol mixture. Also should note that don't make hat too wet, otherwise easy contorts.

Knitted hats, add some salt or vinegar in the water, use specialized detergents. Soak five to ten minutes. Then gently rub, last use clean water to rinse.

Put the cleaned hat in the sun for a moment, garnish with good paper, on cap box, stored in the ventilation and dry place, at the same time in the storage box placed desiccant, in case the damp.

If you want your hat to extend the use fixed number of year, be sure to do cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance of hat


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