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Taboo of wearing a hat

When wearing a hat,you should pay attention to the taboo of wearing a hat.


Avoid too loose or too tight


Hat size should commensurate with his head circumference. If hat size is too small to wear on the head, you will feel too tight and it will impact blood circulation of the head. If hat size is too big, it can’t keep warm and easy to fall off.


Avoid long time to wear not to wash


Scalp is full of the sebaceous glands, especially the youth. Sebum secretion, dust and sweat can make the lining inside the brim have greasy filth, this is a good environment for saprophytic fungi breeding. This kind of dirty hat on his head, easily cause scalp folliculitis. And, the sweat evaporate is corrosive, it makes the hat become fragile, fade, and easily damaged. So, wearing a period of time, hat should use warm soapy water and soft brush to wash, then rinsing clean with warm water or hot water.


Avoid taking off hat randomly


When wear a hat in winter, you should avoid  taking off. Such as after long-distance running, or entering high temperature indoor. If you take off hat randomly, the body heat from the head to spread rapidly, and easily cause a cold or the flu.


Avoid borrowing someone else's hat to wear


Some people have tinea capitis or with other infectious disease, hat is often with some germs. To borrow someone else's hat, is likely to be infected unknowingly.


taboo of wearing a hat


taboo of wearing a hat


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